Shark Throw Blanket


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Leaning into a cozy and stylish looking blanket and enjoying a mug of cappuccino is one of the most enjoyable parts of lazy Sundays. You can enhance the mood and comfort by purchasing this comfy soft shark print blanket which looks super cool. You will get all other desirable attributes in this classy throw shark print blanket. If you want your blanket to be ultra-soft as well as impeccably modish looking, try this unique shark print neutral blanket. This blanket’s warmth and durability are due to its flannel fabric and fluff, which is fabricated into the net. Due to the extra gaps, it can absorb maximum moisture. Taking this blanket during traveling keeps you warm and comfortable in cold weather. When your room’s air conditioner is on during summers, and you want a light covering, this blanket works best. You can give this item as a gift to your loved ones. Although this blanket looks delicate outside, but the material used in manufacturing is firm and compact. You can keep this worth paying quilt with you for years.

• Comfortable
• Warm but not hot
• Easy to carry
• Non-shedding material
• Soft and breathable natural fiber

This soft and vibrant blanket can be an excellent addition to your room. You will feel in love with this because of its smooth texture, warmth, and durability. Its stuff is non-wrinkling and washable.


27x40in, 40x60in, 50x60in, 55x70in, 60x80in, 70inx80in

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